positively healthy

I'm Christine, in my 20's, and I'm on a mission to get healthier in a positive way! I try to learn from my set-backs and think like a scientist to figure out how to make losing weight fun! I enjoy finding new recipes, doing different workouts, and gaining lots of motivation from this blog! Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury - it's an absolute necessity.

146.4 plateau

How do I stop wanting sugar?

How do I stop being hungry after 8pm?

I am breastfeeding. Ugh.

8 months post partum — down 20 pounds, 20 to go! LOL

Yeeeeeeaaaah not sure if I’m gonna get there! Need some serious motivation. I have all the tools I need — gym, babysitting, good food. Although I am needing sleep. Big time.

Need some accountability!

Otherwise I love being a mom. I just want to have my abs back. Possible????!!!

3 months post partum — down 10 pounds!

It has taken me awhile, I didn’t start trying to lose weight seriously until 4 weeks ago. But this is good progress! I weigh about 153 lbs. I gained 3 more pounds after that last post so my starting weight was 165. Anyway, I’m working hard and managing a baby at the same time as managing my food. Richard and I are following the Grain Brain method of eating. NO processed carbs — bread, pasta, gluten, cereal, and just a little bit of rice if we are forced. No processed sugars — we can have one square of dark chocolate a day. :-)

I am also doing Brazil Butt Lift DVDs and drinking shakeology.

I lost 2 pounds the week of Thanksgiving!!! Holla!!

New Starting Weight Post BABY — 162.5 !!!!!!

BAH!! Ok, so I gained a solid 30lbs from this baby. 30 FREAKING POUNDS.

Here’s my game plan:

1) breastfeed.

This is way harder than it sounds. Those who’ve had kids and done it know. It means always being with the baby basically. It means nipple soreness. It means engorgement. It means late nights. It means NO INDEPENDENCE AT ALL. It also means extra 500 calories in my diet. Boo yah.

2) Clean eating

Salads are not what I’m craving at 2am when my body says “EAT NOW!” after nursing her for the bajillionth time. ALso— I can’t shop for food. Richard has the car ALL DAY and our other car crashed. So I need to plan detailed grocery lists. Plus — its expensive. And I don’t want to sacfrice sleep for cooking. Period. I’m feeding a viper every 2 hours.

3) Exercise has to wait until I heal after 6 weeks.

But I can maybe do small things — altered push ups, arm weights, short walks.

Listen to your body

Stopped swimming daily due to intense pelvic pain around 33weeks preggers. Few weeks later I learn I am 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced! This babe is ready, people!! Glad I listened to my body and stopped exercising bc I don’t want to birth this child too soon. The doctor has officially ordered me to stop exercising.